A new radio format so powerful, it's patented.

Today’s listeners have more choices than ever.

Their ears are more selective than ever.

Their brains are more impatient than ever.

We’re actually okay with that.


Look, you can’t fight realities like streaming and smartphones. But you can still move up the charts in any market – assuming your competition hasn’t gotten to us first.

Welcome to BLAZN Country.

The licensed, branded format that’s figured out how to spin radio’s challenges into real opportunities.

With 8 songs in a row, every time, no excuses. Commercial breaks that never interrupt the music flow for more than 3 minutes. And a fresh, relevant sound that’s guaranteed to keep listeners tuned in longer. We’ve got the research to prove it.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s patented?

Wait till you hear this.

Learn more about BLAZN Country today. Before somebody down the street makes the decision for you.

Call Garry Wall at 615-426-0884, or complete our request form to receive an exclusive invitation to hear BLAZN in action.

SparkNet has been helping media companies ride the waves of change for over a decade. Along the way, we created Jack FM, the top branded radio format in North America. We’ve made a lasting mark in the Hispanic and U.K. markets. And our latest brainchild, BLAZN Country, is poised to redefine yet another hugely important genre with innovation so bold, we were able to patent it. SparkNet’s take-no-prisoners vision has been praised by everyone from the BBC and TIME magazine to The New York Times and Rolling Stone.